India_foods_Germany_Working togetherEvery employee is the pillar of our long-term success. We enjoy a pleasant working atmosphere thanks to the well communication between our different departments. New challenges and tasks are always cropping up though by team management of the employee, so we are continually on the lookout for fresh new support for our team.  We also offer apprenticeships in the office and administrative area, as well as different work placement positions in all departments of our company.


India Foods offers interesting apprenticeships. We place great value in high-quality apprenticeships. Our aim is to grow a competent workforce. Communication staffs handle internal secretarial and assistance tasks, and attend to business administrative tasks related to the specific departments. They work in the administrative divisions of companies in all business sectors. Learning to use various software applications, handling administrative tasks and gaining insight into sales concepts are all integral parts of our apprenticeship programmer. Office staffs work on all business administrative and organizational tasks within a company, public authority or association, and ensure a smooth operational flow of information and communication.

Internship (Six months)

India_foods_Berlin_Germany_Working at officeAt India Foods, we are looking for the best and the brightest, talented. As a young professional looking for a career out of college, India Foods has a lot to offer. While we know you are looking the way to a productive career, we are also in search of bringing in fresh and new ideas that can truly impact our business. We have a strong network of younger people who are given the opportunity to grow and expand their careers as we promote many from within. We invest in our employees to help them grow and succeed through development and formalized training programs. Learning and development is an essential part of each workday.

We also offer a great college internship program that exposes interns to all aspects of the packaged foods industry and leading-edge technologies, and they have a voice in important decision-making. With an internship at India Foods, there is always the potential to change into a full-time job opportunity after graduation and diploma.

Work Placement

We could have several job offers for the fresh employee. You can apply for work placement at India Foods anytime of the year, whether you are interested in the warehouse, field house, packaging, sales and administration. India Foods is always ready to let you gain some hands-on experience in its operative business.