PackingPackaging materials mainly for protects foodstuffs and it comes in many different forms, based on technical requirements throughout the supply chain, as well as marketing needs (like brand stamp or customer contact information) and other criteria. Various different types of food contact materials are commonly used each with different properties.Paper, cardboard and pasteboard are the most used packaging materials.They are made out cellulose fibres of the raw material wood. Fortunately they will be made more and more out of remanufactured materials like paper and cardboard. These materials are usually only used for dry fillings like noodles or meal. Cardboard boxes with an additional internal coating are called composite boards. You can use them for fatty food like milk and pizza.

For some types of food packaging the food contact material determines the name as well as food category: a plastic bottle is made of plastic and has this material type in direct contact with the foodstuff. For glass jars the materials in contact with the foodstuff are glass and coated metal from the closure. In the case of beverage cartons the direct food contact layer is not carton, but laminated plastic. For aluminum cans a coating is in direct contact with the beverage. Some types of paper can also be coated. We at India Foods are using only the best packaging materials to ensure that your ordered goods stay fresh, hygienic and keep there incomparable flavor. India Foods provides all types of packaging materials to a reasonable price. Like: Cartoon, glass Jar rapping paper, plastic bag, rubber bag etc.