The quality, variety, and diversity are what makes India Foods service stores so special. In our service store we are stocking a wide variety of exclusive and national brands.

Complete product selectionIndia_foods_Germany_Costomer service

Stocked with thousands of restaurant-quality products, India Foods service store is filled with food and supplies in the quantity you need.

Right products in the right size

At India Foods service store, we help you to stretch your food dollars further. We offer our products in packages that are right for the food retailer. Our products are India_foods_Berlin_Germany_Ready to delivery with conformationalso in the right size for retail customers with large families, for the planning of events and everyone, that simply enjoys buying a large quantity at a great value. In addition all items are available separately.

Express orders

If you can’t find the item you are looking for in our store, you can call us directly at the store and the articles will be ready for pickup within 1–2 days.