“A company’s success relies on the integration of its employee’s strengths and potential, and on treating them like independent co-entrepreneurs.”

Commitment, creative thinking, expertise and spirited dedication are the basis of success we always strive to uphold.

Our employees creatively work in the following departments:IMG_0956

  • Sales

Our friendly and skilled sales team is here to take your orders offer you competent advice and answer any questions you may have.

  • Purchasing

Operative purchasing is responsible for the following processes:

  1. Price negotiations and payment terms with suppliers
  2. Price and terms management
  3. Reviewing and comparing offers
  4. Drawing up and closing contracts with suppliers
  • Warehouse

Our warehouse team picks out your ordered goods and makes sure they are promptly sent out for transportation.

  • Marketing

Our marketing department creates print and digital advertising materials. Advertising are created, printed and distributed to customers.

  • PackagingIndia_foods_Logistics

Our own top quality brand is cleaned and packed in all s and quantities in the packing department.

Accounting and Administration

Accounting reviews and manages your customer data, takes care of the administration of import and export goods, and ensures that everything runs smoothly between the individual departments.

  • Transportation

The transportation department makes sure customers get their orders promptly and flawlessly.

  • Field Service

The India Foods field staff is in charge of visiting customers on location and taking care of their sales transactions or additional sales.